Another Lifetime

Del Shannon week Begins Monday, 3/14/22

Start Getting Excited!

[We all live several lives. Here I am in my pre-Silverback days. Very few of you out there in The Jungle will be able to sit through all 18 minutes of this promotional video that Vermont Castings made for it dealer network in 1987. Video technology was fairly new at that time, and we figured that by making a taped sales pitch distributed on VCR cassettes our message would be pitched more professionally and uniformly than if we relied exclusively on our sales representatives. Not to be missed are Vance Smith wearing her diamond earrings at the 6:30 mark and Ed Abrain in his Leprechaun outfit. SB SM]

2 thoughts on “Another Lifetime

  1. I’d like to tell you that your video convinced us to buy our glass door front Vermont Castings stove from the dealer in Phoenixville, PA, but we bought it in 1980 I think. Great stove, hot coals in the morning made it easy to start up again.

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