For Today’s Rabbit Hole … Old Book Illustrations

You’re working on your daily blog post and suddenly you need an image of a Eurasian Blue Tit. Who ya gonna call?

Eurasian Blue Tit

You are looking for a Gustav Dore type of image, but you’re too cheap to pay for it. Who ya gonna call?

Clusters of people, mixing with animals, try to find refuge on rocks and mounds as water pours in

You ask yourself “Where could I find a picture of a skeleton ice skating? I said … Who ya gonna call?

Death skates on a lake, struggling to keep his balance as people around him fall through the ice

These images and a zillion more come from a book called Old Book Illustrations which learned about from our good friends at Recomendo. You can subscribe to their newsletter (free) at:

Here’s how it is referenced in their newsletter:

Image collection of old book illustrations
Old Book Illustrations is a collection of French Romanticism and Victorian era illustrations searchable by subject, artist or title. All of the illustrations are in the public domain and free to use. Most of the images have captions or descriptions and internet archive links to the entire book. 

You could always Google it, but why not sex up your search by going to If you can’t appreciate this, then you don’t know a Ring-tailed Lemur from a Lion-tailed Macaque.

Watercolor sketch made to be later engraved and illustrate the entry on the lion-tailed macaque

One thought on “For Today’s Rabbit Hole … Old Book Illustrations

  1. Really superb post, The images ar so evocative. The Gustav Dore-Dante etching sent me straight back to the catechetical hell of my early Catholic days.
    Great work.
    Bill Schubart

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