From the Mouths of Silverbacks

From SB Steve (Post Island SBs)

We were elated to shoe 2020 out the door
Little did we know, what 2021 had in store
Yet, hopeful are our dreams for 2022
Can’t be much worse, than what we’ve been through.

Recovering from the Nor’easter

As 2021 finally comes to a close,
Oh, how are lives have changed, heaven knows
But we keep our chins and hopes, held high
As we quietly pray, with an eye to the sky

Its Christmas, a time in which we all believe,
That Santa got our letters, and gifts a plenty, he’ll leave
It’s our time to be with family and our good friends,
Putting our faith in one another, a faith that never ends

That being together as a family and sharing our love
Will get us through anything, with a little help from above
Our dinner is cooking, God, don’t you love that smell
Praying our families are healthy and all feeling well.

So join me and raise a glass, to toast in the New Year, 2022
To Universal Good Health and World Peace, just to name a few
To a world where disease and hunger no longer thrive
A world where only decency, brotherhood, respect and love, survive

from SB Greg (RI SBs)

When I was young …

Although 2021 continues to assail us with pestilence and political tomfoolery I must confess that it, and the previous few years, continues to be a musical watershed, dare I say renaissance, for me.

Oh, that this had taken place 50 years ago, but some of us have to give credence to late bloomery. More than a few have wondered aloud and in writing: “where has all this outpouring come from?” Even my oldest friend and SB Digest creator, Stephen, commented on one of my recent compositions: ”Well, I didn’t see that coming!”

My answer to this is simple: “I don’t have a fucking clue!!” All I know is sometimes I feel like I’m clicking on pieces of my life and pasting them into lyrical mosaics. As Stephen and I embark on writing a rock opera together, daunting in and of itself, I do marvel at the human spirit’s resilience and capacity for creativity at any age.

May the Muses enchant you all in 2022 and make your lives merry and bright!!

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