White Christmas

Silverbelle Pamela (she’s the Tiny House lady) writes:

Dear Silverback Stephen, 
I enjoy reading Silverback Digest!  It has some interesting and fun stuff. I have a suggestion for one between now and Christmas. I’ve always enjoyed watching the wonderful holiday movie, “White Christmas.”  It’s always left me with a desire to take a train to Vermont for the holidays. As I’m sure you know, interestingly, the town of Pine Tree does not really exist and most of it (if not all) was shot on a Hollywood backlot. Still it has so many great nostalgic experiences, such as the train ride up from Florida, and supper clubs when there were elaborate floor shows. The sets for the Columbia Inn in Pine Tree were equally amazing. And the storyline is a reminder of a much more innocent time. 

Maybe you could highlight the movie and talk about some local places in Vermont that really are like the idyllic hamlet and inn depicted in the movie.  Have a wonderful holiday!!  And keep writing your blog!  (Silverbelle) Pamela

I can’t give you the entire movie, but here are some of the best scenes. For the “real Vermont” experience, tune in to Saturday’s “Best of the ‘Gest” selection. SB SM

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