Halloween Special

Best of the ‘Gest

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Silverback Jake (He’s been promoted due to the grey in his beard.) sends this special holiday greeting to hairy ‘Backs and ‘Belles from coast to coast:

Jake is a financial planner from Rhineback, NY where he lives his wife, Silverbelle Whitney, and little girl, SilverbElle (Elle). Check him out at:


Yes, the graphic looks like it was inspired by a poster from the Fillmore West advertising a performance by Big Brother and the Holding Company.

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Special

  1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree-poor Whitney!

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  2. Great mix of Michael Keaton and Adam Sandler! Take the training wheels of his Silverback rating. He’s all grode up. I see those silver whiskers.

  3. Hi Step, Great job by SBIT JAKE, Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! GO PATS👍

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  4. Hi Step and Friends-
    That picture is Will at 6 months.
    Here’s a Halloween memory about his Dad Joe.
    We lived across Sea St from Post Island in our lifelong neighborhood , in our first home at 13 Kilby St. Joe was probably 5 and Trick or Treat was really big with lots of costumed kids running about house to house , coming home with big hauls of candy. Joe was some kind of ghoul and had a great time, and later than usual tumbled into bed,asleep instantly. Next morning about 6:30 on my way out to my teacing job I checked in on sleeping Joe and in his darkened bedroom he did not look right, really kind of weird around the mouth.It was freaking me out. I got closer and his mouth was disturbingly distorted, his teeth protruding…my little kid a vampire? I shook him and he woke up…and his set of greenish plastic fangs fell out from the night before which he fell asleep with in place! What a relief and a funny Halloween memory- from Mike and Cyndy

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