Foliage Report from Vermont

Dateline, Central Vermont: Time for a foliage report … It was dry spring, a wet, warm summer, and, so far, a magnificent fall. No hard frost yet, a real anomaly. A banner year for tomatoes and all stone fruit. We’ve already made enough apple sauce to carry us through 2023. The leaves are turning and there’s lots of color to be seen,

Cows munching on field. The grass is still very green. 2021 is not a vintage foliage year, but that doesn’t make Vermont any less beautiful.
‘Shrooms. What are they? I don’t know, but there certainly are lots of them along the trail.

A walk in the woods:

2020 is a year that will stand out in many memories, but for different reasons. Here’s a short video of one of Joy Rides that reminds us that this was a year that raised the bar for the definition of peak foliage. Includes a brief shot of our encounter with SB John (Kiwi SBs) at the peak of Big Deer Run.

Kettle Pond in Groton State Forest

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