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Best of the ‘Gest

Each Saturday from now on, we will digging into the Silverback archives to revisit and update some of the Best of the ‘Gest. From left to right, Bill Gannon (lead singer), Stephen “Step” Morris (rhythm guitar), Greg Morrison (lead guitar).

My professional music career ended in 1966, when I left the Fabulous Van Goghs to go off to college. Somehow I’ve managed to portray my miniscule role in the British Invasion into the stuff of legends … well, in my mind, any. Don’t ask anyone else.

A couple of years ago I commissioned my brother-in-law, Silverback Ron Varga, to make customized cigar-box guitars for my ex-bandmates.

The two Vermont guitars were for my sons, Jake and Patrick. Far left is for Bill “WG” Gannon. Van Goghs business card is for Greg “Grendl” Morrison. Center guitar is mine, complete with Del Shannon’s Hats Off to Larry record.

That’s Bill Gannon, left and Greg Morrison, right. Here are the new Van Goghs, now a power trio. This is the cover of our upcoming album. Look for it around 2029.

Album title Too Old to Die Young

And now, ladeeze and gennelmunn, are 43 seconds of the Van Goghs:

If it’s on the Jumbotron at Fenway, then it must be true

2 thoughts on “The Van Goghs

  1. Only 3 of us left. Over the short life span of the Goghs there were 9 members including Ollie Matson, Danny Martin and Peter Shepley(former lead singer of The Others, recently inducted into the RI Music Hall of Fame).
    Thanks for keeping the light burning and the music groovin’

  2. Step- make sure you check- like Spinal Tap, the Van Goghs may be huge in Japan! SeaBright has not hit there yet evidently…

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