Word Play from SBs Bill and John

Fawn In Headlights
You will never again be this alone or alive,
Near your mother lying dead in the breakdown lane,
And you in the travel lane, trying to stand on spindly legs,
A fawn among the speeding headlights, mystified.
How did you get here? who licked you clean?
Will you, too, be hit? If not, who’ll suckle you?
Will a highway crew or highway crows recycle you?
I cannot sleep for thinking of you.

SB Bill is a snoutfair kind of guy who can often be found spuddling about at his home in Hinesburg, VT

— SB Bill (Hinesburg SBs), November, 2017

In addition to playing with himself, SB Bill enjoys playing with words, and recently sent these from wordsmith.org:


PRONUNCIATION: (STIK-ee fing-guhrd) 
MEANING: adjective: Given to stealing.
ETYMOLOGY: From stick (to fasten or attach), from Old English stician (to pierce) + finger, from Old English. Earliest documented use: 1855.
NOTES: Lime is another word for something sticky or slimy. Birdlime is used to catch birds. From lime we got the term lime-fingered, alluding to someone whose fingers easily adhere to stuff belonging to others, in other words, someone prone to stealing. Eventually the terms sticky-handed and sticky-fingered entered the language.


1. Someone or something that is subservient to another.
2. A personal maid.
ETYMOLOGY:From hand + maiden, referring to a young woman who was ready at hand to serve her lady. Earliest documented use: 1350.



A good-looking person.
adjective: Good-looking.

From snout (nose, mouth, and jaw) + fair (attractive). Earliest documented use: 1530.

“It’s time you returned home to find a suitable husband instead of spuddling snoutfairs here in town.”
Victoria Malvey; Chasing a Rogue; Pocket Books; 2002.

(all of the above from wordsmith.org)

When not spuddling, SB Bill also writes books

The Priest

The Priest follows a working class altar boy’s decision to become a priest, exploring the struggle many boys have becoming men, especially around sexuality. Pierre finds safety within the vocational confines and celibacy of his Catholic faith, only then to be astonished as he experiences life vicariously in the shadow of the confessional. Ultimately, he must confront his own emerging sexuality in the real world and reconcile the inevitable collision between the security of doctrine and the risks of being human – all of which takes him to a surprising place.

Photo by David Gonzales on Pexels.com

Meanwhile, from the opposite coast SB John (Mendocino Bonobos), another spuddling snoutfair, shares the following:

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