A Short Story by Ernest Hemingway … and more

“For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”

The End, Ernest Hemingway

In the tiny letter signed by Kafka, there was written :” Everything you love will probably be lost, but in the end love will come back another way. ′′

from Wordsmith.org, forwarded by SB Bill (Hinesburg SBs):

A.Word.A.Daywith Anu Garg


MEANING:noun: Unintelligible utterances occurring during religious excitation, schizophrenia, etc. Also known as speaking in tongues.
ETYMOLOGY:From Greek glosso- (tongue, language) + -lalia (chatter, babbling), from lalein (to babble). Earliest documented use: 1879. A related term is coprolalia.
USAGE:“He gave Traycee-Lay a quick, irritated look because her glossolalia, which came out something like: ‘Oh my Guhd, oh my Guhd… yasyas yas, yasyas yas… in-nin-nin’ … her glossolalia was interfering with his delivery.”
John Eppel; Hatchings; Ama Books; 2006.

See more usage examples of glossolalia in Vocabulary.com’s dictionary.

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from SB Jerry (Quaker SBs)

SB Jerry, also known a Baculum Boy, also wants to make us aware of the sex habits of banana slugs:

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That’s enough fun for one day!

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