Celebrating 300 Posts!

This is the 300th issue of Silverback Digest. Time to reflect on some of the happenings in The Jungle:

We’ve toured around Ireland with Silverbelle Deb

Learned to say “What’s the craic?” from Blindboy

And learned the difference between Bitcoin and Shitcoin from Silverback Kent

We’ve seen Silverbelle Sandy try to hatch a giant pumpkin

And seen all kinds of cute grandkids:

Went on some harrowing road trips with Silverback Mike
We’ve mourned the passing of Silverback M. Dickey
We’ve learned more than we want to know about baculum bones from Silverback Jerry

We’ve listened as Silverbelle Donna pranced around singing Fa-la-la in Cathedral of Wood
We’ve been moved by the photos of Silverback Jon
We’ve tipped our furry hats to this amazing woman
We’ve learned about The Villages from Silverback Larry and Silverbelle CarolAnn
We’ve relived the past through the recollections of Silverback J
We’ve had a few chuckles at Bernie’s expense
We’ve watched Silverbelle LiZiqi do amazing things with bamboo
Doffed our Brown Fedoras with Silverback Jim
We learned how to make bologna bowls from Silverback Jon
We shared our Jungle with friends like the Mendocino Bonobos
And what will the future hold? Surprises, chuckles, swings-and-misses, new faces … in short, more of same. The goal of Silverback Digest remains the same … to build a community of like-minded gorillas who like to share stories, ideas, and experiences. See you in The Jungle. Oo-oo.

One thought on “Celebrating 300 Posts!

  1. What a marvelous milestone!
    Thanks so much to all for sharing so much!
    Mike and Cyncy

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