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We Will Not Destroy This List of Lists

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Not my child.

I have TweetDelete set up on my Twitter account and honestly, if you don’t, that’s irresponsible. There are no tweets on my timeline that are older than one month. Adults get 700 new neurons in their brain every day so whatever I said two months ago is old garbage and no one needs it.

However, there is one tweet I don’t want to disappear, though it will. Last week I asked folks what their favorite Wikipedia lists were and, yes, I could’ve combed through this list of lists of lists but I’m not a sucker with all the time in the world. I wanted GOOD lists and I wanted them then. And I got ‘em! Here are some of my faves, which shall be preserved in Substack until this site meets its demise OR I quit hanging out here:

List of hoaxes

List of stories set in a future now past

List of leaning towers

List of nicknames used by George W. Bush

List of fictional artificial intelligences

List of female librarians (???)

List of fraudsters

List of inventors killed by their own inventions

List of fictional computers

List of cognitive biases

List of unusual deaths

List of books considered the worst

List of individual trees

List of animals with fraudulent diplomas

List of last words

List of people who disappeared mysteriously pre-1970

List of places nicknamed “Venice of the North”

List of unsolved deaths

List of obsolete occupations

List of common misconceptions

List of people who have lived in airports

List of entertainers who have died during a performance

List of topics categorized as pseudoscience

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