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Silverbacks have met Kevin Kelley. He’s been involved in the Whole Earth Catalog, Wired Magazine, and a whole roster of things in-between. The Digest featured his free newsletter Recomendo which features 6 cool recommendations on tools, technology, and lifestyle choices. This one such recommendation and it provides four rabbit holes that can provide hours of amusing, time-wasting pleasure.

Unconventional YouTube from Kevin Kelley

When I subscribe to a YouTube channel, I like to be surprised by the next episode. My favorite four YouTube channels these days are crafted by inspiring creators who keep me anticipating what in the world they might do next. They are all makers with an upbeat perspective. — KKIn order of the unexpected:

Ali Spagnola. Ali is a genius musician, a painter, a maker, a savant, and a comedian. She takes great care in making totally silly things, and does them with humor. She loves to try things that aren’t going to work. Her astounding musical transformations are worth subscribing alone. 

Beau Miles. An Australian adventurer who settled down with a family and creates mini-adventures around his settled life, like walking 96 km to work carrying nothing, not even money. He has a lovely can-do spirit, and the miraculous ability to find adventure in the ordinary.

Simone Giertz. Simone is an unabashed maker, but likes to make “stupid” things that are closer to art – like her famous chopping the top off of a Tesla to turn it into the Truckla, a Tesla pickup truck. Her projects are dreamlike and friendly weird, and also inspiring.

Van Niestat. Brother of famous YouTuber Casey Niestat, Van is charting his own path with idiosyncratic mini-videos that are either book reviews, or love letters, or personal confessions, or documentaries about an idea. His channel is young; I’m not sure where he is going but for sure it’s not where the rest of YouTube is headed. He is an original.

[Editor’s note: the video samples selected are probably not the most representative videos, because they were filtered for brevity. SB SM]

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