Denizens of the Jungle … SB Peter and Silverbelle Alicia

[You thought we were completely finished with our series on scrambled eggs … and we are.

SBs Peter and Alicia are Denizens of the Jungle from Southern California Troop: Silver-laid-backs. Coincidentally, we were recently in touch about a subject of universal interest, scrambled eggs.]

“Hi, I’ve enjoyed your posts last week, mostly because scrambled eggs are about the only thing I can cook, or think I know how to cook. I was reminded of an event that took place years ago, when videocassette recorders were popular and people rented and watched movies that way. A friend told me about a great party theme where you invite folks over and tell them to bring a videocassette cued up to their favorite scene. First the presenter explains why they liked the scene so much and then hits “play.” Eventually, we refined and expanded on the idea by choosing specific themes: Christmas, comedy, food, etc.

Anyway, we did this “video party” a couple of times when I first got to my Carlsbad job. And they were actually fabulous. Some of the clips that staff brought in were utterly brilliant.

The reason I am telling you this is because I put together for Alicia, a series of movie scenes of people cooking SCRAMBLED EGGS (or their highbrow cousin, the omelet). Unfortunately, because I am going slightly senile and things are getting fuzzy, I can’t remember my entire playlist, but I do know that included the final scene from Big Night which I still think is one of the most touching scenes ever recorded on film:

So you have inspired us to have scrambled eggs this weekend. And to really top it off, we have a French bakery (a fifth-generation French baker) we have discovered nearby where we get fresh croissants and baguettes. And tarts. And quiches. And …

We did mention that SBs Peter and Alicia are from Southern California and that folks there can be a bit … woo woo? To get the full effect of these photos you need to put your cursor on the white line in the middle and slide it fully left and right.

One of SB Peter’s party tricks is balancing a little tiny person on top of his head.

Peter tells us about himself in his own words:

Marital status? Married. Finally! My wife’s name is Alicia. We got married in 2008; her second, my first. Yes, I said first!! At age 60! I waited until I met just the right woman (and finally moved out of my mother’s house). No, I’m kidding about that last part, but not the first part. We met on No children (see that part about when we got married.)

Education : MA in Art from City College of New York, BA in Art History from Columbia University

Profession: 35-years in museum and arts administration positions (and an earlier five-year “career” as a starving artist/bartender in New York City). I spent 10 years as special exhibitions coordinator at the New York State Museum, seven as chief curator at the San Jose Museum of Art, three as director of the Evanston Art Center, and 12 more as cultural arts manager for the City of Carlsbad, CA. Hmmmm, either I can’t hold a job—or I was in high demand. I’d prefer to think the latter!

9780877014683: Diamonds Are Forever: Artists and Writers on Baseball -  AbeBooks - Gordon, Peter H.: 087701468X

My career highlight: organizing the exhibition “Diamonds Are Forever: Artists and Writers on Baseball” in 1987 for the New York State Museum. The show then traveled nationally and internationally for five years to 20 other museums. So I was semi-famous: “the guy who did the baseball show…” It was a fun project, and got lots of people (like my brother the wrestling coach) into a museum for the first time. That was the idea really: making contemporary art accessible and inviting to a large number of people.  Chronicle Books published a book related to the “Diamonds Are Forever” exhibition which sold about 100,000 copies.

Current work status: Retired, and to my utter surprise, love it.

And finally, complete the following sentence “The most surprising thing I’ve learned in 50 years is that …”  Everything’s relative.

Silverback Peter, a Scramblin’ Man, even as he prepares to dive into a deli lunch

2 thoughts on “Denizens of the Jungle … SB Peter and Silverbelle Alicia

  1. Steve, You do such a great job on THE SILVERBACK, it occurred to me that you might want to use a website, maybe on Facebook (free) or a blog (free) to publish.  That way, all issues could be called up, readers could respond immediately and effortless. Just an idea.

    Enjoy yourself,Jim

    1. Jim–

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Maybe I’m not doing this right, but there is a website ( where all the posts are accessible. I’m now up to 200. If you go there, you land on a page that shows the most recent posts, but you can either scroll backwards to access past posts, or scroll to the bottom where they can be sorted by specific categories. I wish I knew a good tech geek to tell me if there’s a better way to do this, but this is the best I’ve been able to come up with.

      In any case I appreciate your support and hope I can look forward to more contributions from Brown Fedora. Stephen

      On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 8:02 AM The Silverback Digest wrote:


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