Women Hunting Alaska

[Silverback Jerry (Quaker SBs) has been a regular contributor to SD. He’s the Baculum Bone guy who gets a kick out telling guests that the cocktails have a bear penis in them (that’s “bear” penis, not “bare” penis, which actually would be pretty funny). This time he is back, confessing his fixation on professional women hunting guides. I had a roommate in collage who had a fetish for girls driving pickup trucks. That was weird enough, but women with high-caliber rifles …? Jerry, by the way, is a retired banker. SB SM]

“If you really really want to start an uproar show your friends, this pic of 6 month pregnant Heather with her infant son on her back while she shoots a moose.  This pic is taken from page 143 in a paperback titled “Women Hunting Alaska” by Christine Cunningham.  Before you get too excited, her baby was wearing ear protection and never woke up when she shot the moose, or when mom and dad butchered it and made multiple trips packing it out.   There are 17 chapters, each about a difference woman who have varied experience hunting, but all out there trying.

I bought the book because the first chapter is about Sue Entsminger, who guided me on a grizzly hunt 30 miles outside of Tok, Alaska on Native American land. She pays them a cash fee for every hunter, and then gives them all the bear meat they want.  She and her husband homesteaded off the grid with no utilities for 30 years until electricity came down their dirt road. 

She has guided 57 hunters successfully to Dall Sheep and hundreds of bears.  She is the outfitter – her husband and son work for her.  I had another woman guide in British Columbia for Big Horn Sheep who was also a taxidermist who did an excellent job skinning it out for a full body mount before butchering it.  The book sells for $19.95 + SH and is available from christineemail@hotmail.com.  Better get yourself some body armor before your next get together if you’re going to flash this around.” 

The photos below are from the “Women Hunting Alaska” page on Facebook.

May be an image of 1 person and smiling
May be an image of 1 person and smiling
Now, that’s a rack!
May be a closeup of 1 person, hair, standing, outerwear and outdoors
May be an image of 1 person
May be an image of 1 person and smiling

[As a gorilla and a member of an endangered species (fewer than 1000 left in the wild), I cannot support game hunting for sport, although I acknowledge the responsible approach that these individuals are taking. We are currently accepting donations for the “Get-Jerry-a-Subscription-to-Playboy Fund.” SB SM]

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  1. There’s an old Yorkshire saying which applies to a wide range of human behavior, including that of SB Jerry: “there’s nowt so strange as folk.”



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