… and the winner is

(Some cute grandkids have mysteriously disappeared from previous posts. Apologies to SB John and Silverbelle Colleen of Kiwi SBs. I guarantee your grandkids are cute.)

Matthew Fry (4)

Kate Fry (9 months)

Isaiah Quinney (18 months) with iced coffee leftovers

If they disappear again, then I give up. And now, back to our cutest grandkid competition. The contestants are …

THE WINNER IS … (DRUM ROLL) … THE LITTLE BOY COMING OUT OF THE MEN’S ROOM, LITTLE STEPPY SILVERBACK!! (You didn’t really think I’d be so foolhardy as to select a winner. What do you think I am, a baboon?)

3 thoughts on “… and the winner is

  1. Hi Step & Sandy, Good morning. Hope all is well? Step, I was pretty sure (and glad) you weren’t going to take a leap into the unknown by trying to pick a winner. They are all adorable and all winners!

    Step, I was looking for a file on Post Island you sent me a few years ago. It’s the one with the Post Island “Rock” 1896-2016 on the front cover. I’d like to make a few more books, one for Elle Morris, so she can learn about that part of her heritage in Quincy, MA. There’s a few “New” neighbors that might find it interesting as well. If you find it send it along & I’ll get them printed. That’s if you can find it. Talk soon, Stay safe, Be good, SBSH & SBBH! PS: Hugs to the Pretty one😎

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  2. Of course they are all “winners”, each bringing laughter, gratitude and love …even you Step.
    As some have noted – with or without the “Let me tell you about my grandchildren ” bumper sticker , If I knew they were going to be this much fun, I’d have had them first, instead of my kids…
    (Lucky us = fully vaccinated, off to Caliornia to travel safely in our RV until the end of May. Yowsah!! )

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