If you find Mesmerism, Mysticism, Drugs, and Sex appealing …

Babylon Berlin is For You


A recommendation from Silverbelle Mimi (Post Island SBs)

For an intriguing and atmospheric trip to the Weimar Republic in the wild and sexy 1920’s, head to my favorite foreign series,Babylon Berlin. The series opens with a mystery and solving crime is the ostensible basis of the series, but the show features so many fascinating elements of those tumultuous times between wars. Berliners are experimenting with walking on the wild side, in politics, in art, music, dance, the cinema, mesmerism, mysticism, drugs and sex. Political identity, sexual identity, all are shifting and ambiguous. Life is very exciting but dangerous. One description is that the Berlin was dancing on the edge of a volcano…

This show is visually captivating, with dramatic images of art, culture and architecture. The leading roles are played by charismatic and appealing actors take on the identities of the detective Gereon and Lottie, the young detective wannabe who is starts off in the typing pool with a little bit of prostitution on the side. As the mystery develops, Charlotte’s keen intelligence and sense helps to alert her to secrets,which she shares with Gideon and they become partners in solving a fascinating mystery.

When she’s not watching television Silverbelle Mimi stands tall for social justice.

Silverback Sal and I have seen 3 seasons and now have recently heard that we’ve got the fourth to look forward to. Although there are many good shows I have enjoyed, Babylon Berlin is one that I would be considering watching again. There are myriad threads of interest throughout the show, political parties rising and competing, family backstories and dark history, romances, love made and love lost. History and mystery mingle and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Warm your winter with a steamy night in Berlin.

But if gentle humor is more your style …

Then, Still Standing is for you.

A suggestion from Silverbelle Donna and seconded by Silverbelle Sandy

Jonny Harris … He’s a Newfie!

At the polar opposite of the entertainment spectrum is this show from the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, available on Netflix. Still Standing follows Canadian comedian Jonny Harris as he sets off across the country once more, veering off the main highway to discover the hidden comedy in Canada’s far-flung small towns.

This a sweet and good-natured look at places too often ignored by big media. It’s a unique premise for a show that manages to combine equal parts travel, food, interview, and comedy in each 22-minute segment. By the end of a few episodes, you’ll be ready to adopt Jonny and emigrate to Canada.

And if You’re Italian …

(recommended by Silverbelle Sandy, Gilead Brook SBs)

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  1. SM,

    We watched the Dig last night. Great film. Warm, real, gritty, the true human condition. Thanks for the recommendation. Send more!

    Bonobo JS

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