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[From now on there will be a single edition of the Silverback Digest for the weekend. It will combine a look back at what’s been published combined with a peek ahead to what’s on the horizon. Hm-m-m, do jungles have horizons?]

Lara Oehler … first new Silverbelle of 2021!

Lara Oehler is the most recent follower of Silverback Digest. In addition to artist, her resume includes cross-country truck driver, sky diver, Appalachian Trail hiker, environmentalist, and snow boarder. For more than 15 years she was also a volunteer distributor for Green Living Journal. Below copy is from the website longrivergallery.com that sells Lara’s cards:

“Lara learned to stencil while renovating a large Victorian house in CT, but found stenciling too much fun to stop there.  She went on to stencil other rooms, floor cloths, and, eventually, greeting cards and gift tags.  One of her proudest accomplishments is being hired to stencil the Palliative Care Room at Grace Cottage Hospital in Townsend, VT.

In her compositions, Lara strives for simplicity of design that exudes a sense of calm, joy, or wonder. Her greeting cards are clean and bright and feature iconic images – from individual flowers and maple leaves (fall) to a dog on a sled (winter). She also makes has some delightfully clever birthday cards.

Lara lives in West Hartford, VT and works out of her cellar workshop. She creates each design herself, and stencils each card by hand.

Lara’s individual handmade cards (shown below) are available in the gallery. Sets of four assorted cards are available in the gallery and on our website (see Shop). She is also happy to package custom orders. Please contact Long River Gallery (longrivergallery.com).”

How You Celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2020

[I was on the phone with SB Greg–Rhode Island SBs–on New Year’s Eve day when he said abruptly “Gotta go. We have a hot water problem. Here’s his account of what happened next. SB SM]

“After we hung up I was able to get a plumber here in 45 minutes (AMAZINGLY). Had a small leak in my on demand hot water unit which he fixed but we need a new one.

Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe

“Then we had to show a condo on the East Side, she said it was too small of course … then off to the Capital Grill to pick up dinner. They make THE best lobster Mac ‘n Cheese on the planet.

‘Then back home to make 12 batches of Ina Garten’s cosmopolitans (I’ll forward the recipe to you) which we put in individual mason jars and delivered to the stoops of 6 groups of friends from nearby Edgewood and also to East Greenwich. Then at the last minute I set up my new 6 foot outdoor propane heater in anticipation of a couple we know well coming for a cocktail (you got it…cosmos). Of course they called and canceled cause it’s too cold. Well, we’re inside now watching a couple episodes of Justified with Timothy Olyphant. Cosmo glasses are chilling in the freezer waiting to be filled and toasted with shortly. I’d love to get a shower but don’t want to push my luck with the hot water system. And now the folks who canceled our outdoor cocktail hour want to Zoom with us. Good luck with that!

A Woman Of No Importance': American Spy Virginia Hall Finally Gets Her Due  : NPR

SB Jerry–Quaker SBs recommended it to SB Stephen who recommended it to SB Sandy. This week you’ll see what they thought, as they review A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell:

By contrast here’s a woman of critical importance.

Tip of the Hat to SB Dave–Tucson SBs

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