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SB Jerry (Quaker SBs), knowing that we have an Airbnb unit at The Parsonage (currently closed due to Pandemic) thought we might be interested in acquiring another property. He forwarded this item from CNN.

This Vermont home used to house the Essex County Jail, according to

(CNN)A house for sale in Vermont has everything a new homeowner could want: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice backyard and … prison cells.The 2,190-square-foot home, located in Guildhall, Vermont, used to be the Essex County Jail, according to the listing on, and formerly served as the jailer’s residence.

The outside of the house, formerly where the jailer lived.And though the county jail hasn’t been in use since 1969, it’s still got all the quirks — complete with barred windows and rusty toilets.

For $149,000, this could be yours.” Bring your own ideas on what this 28′ x 40′ wing could be!” the listing encourages. The house, which has been listed on the website for more than two months, is currently priced at $149,000.Whether the investment is a DIY-er’s dream or nightmare remains to be seen. (move the slider left to right to see entire photos)

Hm-m-m. $149,000 with maybe 4 or 5 rental units. I does offer some interesting possibilities.

Silverbelle Lara (center in blue with maroon headband) used New Year’s Day to climb Vermont’s second highest peak, Camel’s Hump. She was accompanied by a bevy of other potential Silverbelles.

This spectacular view, looking down on the clouds, gives some hope for what might be accomplished in the coming year. Well done, ladies … I mean, Silverbelles!

A natural Christmas tree that the Morrises discovered in Iceland

Over the holiday the extended Morris Clan held a 12-day online family party. While circulation was limited to family members during the celebration itself, it is shared here in case it provides a useful model for your own theme-oriented event.

Thanks to the Silverbacks and Silverbelles for “helping me out” on my request for feedback on what we are doing with the Silverback Digest. A few highlights:

“I enjoy the variety of articles and might suggest a tighter focus in subject matter.” SB Jim (Brown Fedora SBs)

“We basically like everything folks share from the funny to practical and profound. With everything that comes our way – environmental, progressive politics, healthcare, personal, etc. we get behind reading the posts…try to do earlier in AM if possible. We continue to pass along to kindred folks in our circle. Write on, Pal!” SB Mike & Cyndy (Post Island SB Troop)

I enjoy the SB Digest, and think you’ve identified a community-in-waiting of people who share your values, interests, sense of fun and the absurd, and are looking for experiences that are politics-free, “curated” and a bit quirky. I find most of your posts of interest, some more than others, and especially enjoy posts from other SBs – the more variety the better in my humble opinion … SB JohnQ (Champlain SBs)

Reading your posts makes my day!  I wouldn’t change anything, but if you did I’d probably be more enthusiastic. SB Jerry (Quaker SBs)

“First thing I read in the morning.” SB John (Mendocino Bonobos)

I will be making adjustments based on your sage counsel. Stay tuned. Then again, there’s one in every crowd. SB J (Mendocino Bonobos) responded with a serious sounding email about a special, but little known, benefit from the Federal government, especially for senior citizens. Just click here … this is what greeted me:

Very mature, SB J!

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