Next Year in the Garden … Winter

A poem in four parts. Each part will be posted seasonally:

Next Year in the Garden

Part IV–Winter

Next year in the garden I won’t get delusional when I see this year’s seeds on sale. I won’t buy enough to feed all of central Vermont and I won’t think I’m a rich man as I flip through the colorful packets in January. I won’t question why I bought two types of turnips. I hate turnip.

I won’t delude myself into thinking I can grow seven varieties of pepper from seed.

I won’t buy seeds for inedible greens with exotic Japanese names,

I will store my squash properly, so they don’t rot .

I will give gifts of garlic and elderberry wine as if I am bestowing frankincense and myhrr (even though the elderberry wine sucks).

I won’t take it personally when I see how cheap garlic is at Costco

I won’t check the mail for the first seed catalog the day after Christmas.

I will think good thoughts when we eat last summer’s pesto.

Next year in the garden I won’t think I am part of life’s great cycle just because I pee on the frozen compost.

Stephen Morris is the editor and publisher of Green Living: A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment. He can be reached at .

4 thoughts on “Next Year in the Garden … Winter

  1. OK, I think I’m beginning to understand. It takes a real Ape to admit he pees on the compost.
    I thought only we did that. I feel such bonding.

    1. Happy New Year SB Todd. Any ol’ ape can pee on the compost, but only a Silverback can pee on the compost and think he is saving the planet by doing so.

  2. Lovely New Year’s resolution and poetry. Will look forward to how it goes. In the mean time, best wishes for the New Year. It’s bound to be different than 2020, have no fear.

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