Make Us Laugh

Yesterday I posted about my 1978 quest for beer and my subsequent proposal to revisit the subject in 2015. In the interests of meticulous scholarly research I went to Amazon and looked up The Great Beer Trek by Stephen Morris. Here’s the first thing that popped up:

The Great Beer Trek by Morris, Stephen (1984) Paperback

The Great Beer Trek by Morris, Stephen (1984) Paperback

Jan 1, 1709

3.6 out of 5 stars2

Paperback $809.67 

$3.99 shipping

Only 1 left in stock – order soon.

New and used options from $7.43

I don’t know what’s funnier … that they are charging $809.67 for a book that you can still buy new for $16.95, or that they list it as having been published on New Year’s Day in 1709! I know I’m getting along in years, but 1709?

Mo’ Elvis

SB J from the Hopland Bonobos, contributed this remembrance of The King, published originally in the Toledo Blade:

“Elvis made one more appearance in Toledo, in 1977 at age 42, four months before he died.  I’m glad I wasn’t there.  The review in the Toledo Blade included the following:
There were at least three Elvis Presleys in Toledo Saturday Night. The first, most evident in the eyes of the bubbly, pant-suited women before the show, was the young, dusky sex symbol of the 50s, whose hip contortions, sideburns, and gritty synthesis of country and blues burgeoned into rock’n’roll and electrified a musical era. This one wasn’t seen much once the show began.The second was the mature balladeer. His pulsing baritone filled out nicely some slower tunes like Sinatra’s My Way or And I Love You So. He made several appearances, showing that the Presley voice, not quite as flexible as it once was nonetheless remains creditable. The third Elvis in the University of Toledo Centennial Hall Saturday was a pudgy middle-aged man whose mumbled lyrics and feeble attempts at pelvis thrusts were a parody of the first. But if you missed all three, folks, you didn’t miss much. And while he had a guitar hung around his neck for a couple of songs, he’s quit pretending he can play it. It just sat there for a couple of songs, like much of the audience. The only standing ovation he got was when he quit singing.”

Have a great weekend Silverbelles and Silverbacks. Use the time to practice these gorilla noises:

This fella could also benefit from some Crest White Strips

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  1. Fine wine improves with age. Beer and Elvis, not so much.

    Enjoy yourself,Jim

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