The Day I Was President of Yale

Here’s how this one happened … because I have been active in alumni affairs for my alma mater, Yale, the alumni office sometimes contacts me to ask a favor, such as to talk to a prospective student, or in this case to stand in for the President of Yale at the ceremonial installation of the new President at Middlebury College.

This was a completely hollow, ceremonial event. They would send me the academic regalia. I would march in with a procession of other academic dignitaries, listen to some boring speeches, eat a delicious lunch, and return the regalia in the postpaid box.

Too much fun!

SB Sandy and I drove over the mountains on a lovely autumn day for the ceremony. When I arrived, I was told that protocol was the the procession was organized in order of institutional founding. With Yale founded in 1701, if no one showed from Harvard or William and Mary, I would be leading the procession.

Some asshole from Harvard showed, so I was #2.

I hadn’t yet returned my cap and gown when the next Silverback gathering was held at the Parsonage, so naturally I conferred degrees on all my fellow apes. I’m sure I made Yale very proud!

4 thoughts on “The Day I Was President of Yale

  1. Love it! I’ve been working at Harvard for the past 26 years, but I love your irreverence for things high and mighty!

  2. Hi Stephen:

    Hope you had an excellent, if diminished (?) Thanksgiving.

    In this morning’s post, and at least one prior, the images present as being badly distorted – at least on my screen. Have other SBs had this experience?

    Off for our Vermonty adventure this morning – an attempt on Sterling Pond – to be followed by prospective kayak purchase.




  3. This the first report I’ve had of distorted images. I’d say “I’ll look into it,” but I don’t know where to start. We’re doing Isle La Motte tomorrow. Sterling Pond is pretty ambitious. Good luck!

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