Thanksgiving, 2020

(from SB Steve and SB Beth of the Post Island SBs)

Thanksgiving 2020, will be strange
Our dinner tables, will be so much smaller
Having a lot less dishes to arrange
Missing the children, and seeing who’s gotten taller

Today it’s safety, that takes top billing
Keeping our distance apart, we hope it helps
Our hearts are hurting, but we are willing
How we’ll miss the doggies, and their yelps

Still we are thankful, for all our good health
That all our family, is healthy today
That alone, is worth any and all wealth
Since last March, it’s what each day we pray

So our motto today, is next year
We all agree, with heavy heart
A false smile, holding back a tear
It’s common sense we all stay apart

We’re missing all our loved ones too
Their laughter and all their smiles
This years new arrivals are not one, but two
To see and hold them, we’d travel many miles

So we’ll sacrifice today, for many more tomorrow’s
As we eat quiet dinners, far apart
Hoping soon, we’ll have no more sorrows
Just know we love you and miss you, with all our heart

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, 2020

  1. Yes, a careful and responsible Thanksgiving today for a Happier one next year and a Merrier Christmas this year!
    Grateful for all gifts- especially for your friendship Step and Sandy.
    Mike and Cyndy

  2. Lovely, really well done from the heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

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