Last Day for Grumpy’s

If you are within 500 miles of Quincy, MA, you should start driving to get a last meal at Grump White’s. It’s closing forever on November 21.

My family estate at Post Island had very limited cooking facilities, so we tended to frequent local establishments. Grumpy’s was less than a mile away. It was our neighborhood go-to.

Here’s what you could count on at Grumpy’s:

  • The food was good, not great, except for the fries, which were GREAT.
  • The servings were generous, so you were also buying tomorrow’s lunch, too
  • The waitresses were always brusque, abrasive, insulting, and a little bit sexy. They always called you “Hon.”
  • The Sox game would be on.
  • The Keno game was ongoing
  • You would hear the local dialect, as in the bartender saying (nodding towards your glass: “Jizzwannanuddah?”

Here’s a review that I wrote for TripAdvisor in 2013:

Your Go-To Place for Comfort Food

Grumpy’s doesn’t do everything well, but they do some things VERY well. For instance, you don’t want to order vegetables here. Or you don’t want to come here if you’re on a diet. But for old-fashioned, straight ahead, artery-clogging American classics, Grumpy’s can’t be beat.

Included in this category are fried haddock, french fries, meat loaf, mac & cheese, lobster roll, fried chicken, and burgers. Eating at the bar is great if you are into the Sox, Celts, or Broons, and the window into local, South Shore (pronounced Show-wah) culture is as clear as you’ll find anywhere. A special tip of the hat to Grumpy’s waitresses, who tend to be a little rough around the edges, but the proverbial hearts of gold. They remind me of the waitresses at Durgin Park, but without the surliness.

This is not the place for the romantic evening out or the seeker of culinary adventure, but it’s the perfect place for anyone who doesn’t want to go home hungry.

Here’s the announcement from

By Erin Kuschner, Staff, Emily Turner updated on November 13, 2020

Grumpy White’s has long served as a family-friendly icon in Quincy, serving burgers, BLT sandwiches, and American chop suey. But after 40 years, the restaurant’s run will come to an end.

Laurie Myette, who works at Grumpy White’s, told that the establishment’s last day is Nov. 21, and confirmed that owner Bob White plans to retire.

Grumpy White’s has been feeding the Quincy area since 1980. Its macaroni and cheese, one of Grumpy’s house favorites, received a nod from The Boston Globe in 2016; White said the dish was made from “all good stuff.” Other house favorites include liver and onions and the Grumpy boneless fried chicken, served with mashed potatoes and gravy. Diners can also find fish and chips, fried whole-belly clams, and racks of ribs.

While Grumpy White’s hasn’t made any announcements on social media yet, a Facebook page for the restaurant is already beginning to fill with eulogies.

“So sad to see you go,” Leo Carey wrote. “Closing for good Nov 21st. Any[one] around go get ur last plate of grumpy chicken or steak tips.”

“Lots of memories here,” Marie Neff shared. “End of an era.”

“Enough, the casualties to the restaurant industry are brutal,” John K OToole wrote. “Grumpy’s was the best, you won’t see another family dining place like that again.”


Jacob Morris

2 thoughts on “Last Day for Grumpy’s

  1. Hi Step, SB STEVE here, Sorry to report Grumpy Whites actually closed last week! November 21, was the last possible day, but for whatever reason(ran out of food, too emotional?) I believe Saturday or Sunday, Nov 14 or 15 was the last day! SB BETHY says she sees cars driving through the parking lot on her way home from work! Sad it was such a great last minute go-to. The Corn industry will be hurting for sure! Be good, SB STEVE & SB BETHY

    Sent from my iPad


  2. From SB Mike, member of Seabright:

    Last Day for Grumpy’s:
    Hi Step,
    Your review was “write on”!
    Yes another local gustatory landmark now a memory…and speaking of memories- while we were renovating our son Joe’s new home on Post Island at #5 Poplar for all of 1994 and 1995, almost every Monday we would enjoy the hearty, comfort food specials 3-5 PM, great fries and enough to take home.
    And farther back on memory lane when Grumpy’s was Al’s I wrote “Al’s Dine and Dance” as follows:
    There’s a bar up the street where the local folks meet,
    Halfway between work and home,
    Or later at night for a drink or a fight,
    When you don’t feel like feeling alone.
    Where everyone goes when there’s no place to go,
    You don’t have to call in advance. (There’s no phone.)
    Nobody dances and nobody dines at Al’s Dine and Dance!


    Where everyone goes when there’s no place to go…

    Maybe sometime if I have half a mind,
    Or if fancy takes me perchance,
    We’ll stage us a show,
    call everyone we know.
    We’ll liberate Als’s Dine and Dance

    It was a really funny experience when we actually liberated Al’s on a Sunday night on our way home after Sea Bright’s first major Passim’s appearance. For a time after it closed we had the old beat up neon sign = the backdrop for our launching party at the yacht club June ‘81, and our party performance at Al’s August ‘81 after it had been sold and was on the way to becoming Grumpy Whites.
    Happy memories!

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