A Deep Dive into Liz … November 18

November 18, 7pm … is our first online Silverback gathering. This is the kind of thing you will be telling your grandchildren about. Will you be there?

Has anyone had a more fascinating life than Elizabeth Taylor? On Nov. 18 we will gather live, online to take a deep dive into her.

Here’s how it will work:

  • On November 18 you will receive an email linking you to an Amazon Prime Watch Party to start at 7 pm. The movie will be a delectable Elizabeth Taylor movie.
  • Connect your computer to your television. If you can’t do this, just watch on your computer.
  • During the watch party, there is no video … only chat.
  • Watch the movie, make snarky comments, make astute observations, … be a jerk, have fun!

If you have questions, contact me.

This first effort will likely be awkward, but give it a chance. Once we become comfortable with the format, it might become lotsa fun.

Homework … whaaat? … optional, but enjoyable … watch the 2-part documentary Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story beforehand. Here’s some vintage Elizabeth:

One thought on “A Deep Dive into Liz … November 18

  1. I’ll be tuning in to the Lizfest on 11/18/20. We’ll have to make our own bologna bowls at home. SBMark

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