From Gilead to Aspen

In October, 2016 we explored Colorado just in time to see the passing of the Aspens

A Few (probably obsolete) Reviews

“All About Charlie” 5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 3 days agoNEW

Good location, comfortable rooms, better-than-average breakfast, nice hot tub with views looking to the mountains in two directions. What makes this place a cut above average, however, is the owner/manager, Charlie (or is it “ey”?) who works the floor during breakfast, inquiring about travel plans, offering advice, and swapping stories with seemingly genuine interest. This what is meant by hospitality, and Annabelle’s has it. “Yes, You Can Eat Cheaply in Aspen” 5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 3 days agoNEW

Cool deli, sandwich shop offering huge sandwiches made with quality ingredients. Get one of their special creations, and take a picnic up to Maroon Bells. Aspen suddenly becomes affordable for the common folk. “Touching Tribute” 5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 3 days agoNEW

Stream side sculpture garden, located on the MAGNIFICENT bike path that follows the Roaring Fork River for 42 miles. John’s lyrics are carved into smooth boulders. I think John would approve. Pyramid Bistro “Pretentiously Local” 5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 2 days agoNEW

This is a very nice little bistro with good food (not great), friendly, but distant service, and a hip vibe. Quite pricey. I had the feeling that locals felt that this was “their” place and that others were invading, but that’s how I’d feel if a little gem like this existed in my community.

  • Visited October 2016     “Limited Sample … but” 5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 3 days agoNEW

Cozy, friendly bistro that was bustling, even on a Monday night during the off-season. There was a sense of the locals reclaiming their town before the first snow falls. Emphasis on fresh and local, but with a lot of chef wizardry added. Casual, but pricey … just like everything else in this posh boutique of a town.

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