Wooden Skyscrapers

Juliet Bennett Rylah April 28, 2022 from The Hustle: Wooden skyscrapers look cool — and they’re sustainable, tooWooden skyscrapers may at first sound a little impractical, like that time you had to build a tower out of balsa wood in high school. But apparently, they’re all the rage. They’re made from “mass timber” That’s when pieces... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Wood

Best of the 'Gest This week we are celebrating the completion of our first year of publishing Silverback Digest by revisiting some of our previous posts. This one is from our very favorite author, Silverback Moi. PIECES OF WOOD by Stephen Morris West Brookfield is the classic Vermont hamlet—dirt crossroads, a church, a one-room schoolhouse,... Continue Reading →

Remembering SB Bill Coperthwaite

[On my desk is a hand-carved wooden bowl given to me as a token of gratitude following the publication of his book A Handmade Life. It's been fourteen years since the publication and more than a decade since Bill's passing, but the bowl remains on my desk, a daily reminder of all his life stood... Continue Reading →

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