The Tiny Cottage of Vance and Al

Best of the 'Gest Vance and Al's Cotswold Cottage Originally appeared in the Silverback Digest on February 16,2021 We're living in times where small is beautiful, a phrase coined by E.F. Schumacher to make the argument that the bigger-is-better philosophy of unchecked capitalism is fraught with dangerous downsides. Were he alive today, he would point... Continue Reading →

Silverbelle Builder

Meet the woman who builds the world’s most unique Airbnbs Kristie Wolfe has built off-grid hobbit holes, treehouses, and potato-shaped abodes — often on a shoestring budget. Zachary Crockett Published on March 5, 2022 You may not know the name Kristie Wolfe. But if you’ve used Airbnb, you’ve likely seen her properties. Over the past... Continue Reading →

Portland, Part 2

{Yesterday's post in Silverback Digest focused on the grimness of the homelessness scene. This article, from Reasons to be Cheerful, has a more positive message. And while this effort is positive and deserves praised, it is diminished by the overwhelming scale of the challenge. SB SM] Brittany ran away from home when she was eight... Continue Reading →

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