A Woodburning Life

Laurie D. Morrissey At about 9:00 on an overcast November Saturday, a group gathered at the edge of the Hopkinton/Webster Transfer Station (hereafter referred to as the dump, since that’s its real name and will never change). They sipped coffee, pulled on gloves, and adjusted ear protectors. Then they started to work. There were loggers,... Continue Reading →

Remembering SB Bill Coperthwaite

[On my desk is a hand-carved wooden bowl given to me as a token of gratitude following the publication of his book A Handmade Life. It's been fourteen years since the publication and more than a decade since Bill's passing, but the bowl remains on my desk, a daily reminder of all his life stood... Continue Reading →


The Great State of Maine My wife and I recently spent a week on the coast of Maine. That is hardly newsworthy. The coast is not far from where we live. It was past the rush of tourist season, so finding accommodations was not difficult. The weather was lovely … Where is this going? My... Continue Reading →

Silverbelle Deborah’s Two Homes

Tomorrow in the Digest: Kleptoparasitism Deborah McDermott The swans are back! I was not expecting them yesterday when I brought my book down to the banks of Lake Atedaun for a bit of sun and reading on a glorious, warm afternoon. Perhaps it was the tinkling sound of gravel under my foot, perhaps it was... Continue Reading →

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