Bright College Years, Day 4 … Me’n Jim

For God, for Country, and For Yale, I'm living proof of a fairy tale. Gettin' smart don't get much cooler ... Go Bulldogs! Yeah Boola! Boola! From my Autobio-grafitti, "From the 4-0-1 to the 8-0-2" [My twice-postponed 50th reunion begins today. SB SM] I retired from both music and sports when I arrived in New... Continue Reading →

Beyonder Week … Sunday

(This week I am recycling some humor columns that I wrote for the Vermont Sunday Magazine in the 80s and 90s. I'm not sure why I thought I was a funny guy back then. SB SM) MY CAREER IN SHOW BIZ (Hi, Jim!) Every so often life imitates art in a delightful way that is... Continue Reading →

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