Oh Boy … something new to worry about

[You know what a major cable disruption would mean? No daily Silverback Digest! SB SM] MATT BURGESS published by Wired.com via thebrowser.com NOV 2, 2022 The Most Vulnerable Place on the Internet Underwater cables keep the internet online. When they congregate in one place, things get tricky. THE ASIA-AFRICA-EUROPE-1 INTERNET cable travels 15,500 miles along the... Continue Reading →

Where I Get My Fake News

The Browser recommends interesting articles from around the web. editor@thebrowser.com The experience of a professional screamer came by way of The Browser. It was published originally in The Guardian. A daily newsletter with tech-oriented stories. Sample contents: In today’s email: Crypto celebs: Why so quiet all of a sudden?Robert Vlasic: RIP to a pickle king.Sky-high: Flying ain’t cheap... Continue Reading →

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