Green Living Lives On

How cool is this? I published Green Living for 15 years, following 15 years published by my predecessor, Marshall Glickman. For a dozen of my decade and a half I was joined by Gary Munkhoff and his partner, Susan Place, who published an Oregon-based edition. They are carrying on, looking better with each successive issue.... Continue Reading →

Chickpeas? … Really?

Best of the 'Gest Silverbacks like to eat well, so it's no surprise that we periodically focus on our nummies. This post on chickpeas explores on a simple foodstuff that has surprising, and delighful, versatility. Since sampling chickpea ice cream, we've also enjoyed chickpea pasta and puffed chickpeas. So far, however, no chickpea bananas. Originally... Continue Reading →

Turn Our Prisons into Gardens

Kris LaMar is a Master Gardener and has been volunteering at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville in the ‘gardening’ component of their Family Preservation Project. This article was published originally in Green Living Journal. More info at They Too Shall Garden Murderers, child sexual predators, heroin dealers, identity theft perpetrators, robbers and burglars. Perhaps not the ‘type’ you... Continue Reading →

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