Next Year in the Garden

[Yeah, you've seen bits and pieces of this before in Silverback Digest, but here it is in all its epic glory, very appropriate for this time of year when the garden is mostly in the rearview mirror. SB SM] A Year in Review by Stephen Morris Part 1 ... Spring Part I–Spring Next year in... Continue Reading →

Putting the Garden to Bed

Putting the Garden to Bed for Winter by Margaret Haapoja My enthusiasm for gardening wanes by autumn, and I long for the respite winter offers. While putting the garden to bed in the fall isn't as much fun as watching it wake up in the spring, don't let your care for the garden disappear just... Continue Reading →

How to Write Good

[This is Part 3 of my four-part epic poem Next Year in the Garden. SB SM] Part III–Fall Next year in the garden, as I pull weeds, I won't think that I coined the phrase "Nature abhors a vacuum." (Who did coin that phrase, if not me?). I won't wonder why I planted mustard greens.... Continue Reading →


Create a SalvageScape in Your Backyard Stephen Morris (Editor’s note: We were introduced to the concept by Heather Levesque. The “we” in this story is my wife Sandy and I, and in the interests of full disclosure, Heather is Sandy’s daughter. She and her family live in Spring Hill, Florida.) Spring Hill is, like most... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Irises

By Laurie D. Morrissey Irises, with their large, exotic-looking flowers waving atop tall stems, are among the showiest early summer blooms. Most of North America’s nearly 30 native iris species are found in the southeastern states and on the Pacific coast; but a few irises grow in the northern woodlands. The most common are the... Continue Reading →

Silverbacks Growing Giant Vegetables

That's a big fuckin' onion. FOR PETER GLAZEBROOK, THERE WAS one bright spot to 2020. A leek he entered into last year’s Mansfield Grow Show, which judges declared to be a monstrous four feet long, won him a new world record. “That makes 16 world records I’ve held over the years,” Glazebrook wrote to me recently,... Continue Reading →

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