The Evolution of Wine

[Do Silverbacks like their wine. You betcha. SB SM] Archaeologists have investigated Greek wine containers shipwrecked in the Mediterranean.¬†Cristian Umili/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images Five Turning Points in the Evolution of Wine By Christopher Howard Contrary to popular belief, the evolution of wine precedes agriculture and the domestication of grapes. The genesis of wine may even predate... Continue Reading →

QAnon, the Silverback Perspective

Best of the 'Gest In celebration of the completion of our first year of publication, we are re-visiting some of our most memorable posts. This was originally published on October 17, 2020. How Did Belief Evolve? By Agust√≠n Fuentes [Editor's note: If you are mystified by the chasm of reality that separates political groups these... Continue Reading →

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