Blindboy Busts Loose

[This is the way things go. Silverback Digest discovered the Blindboy several years ago and made his "What's the craic?" a regular feature. Now he's touted by the New York Times as the next big thing. Will the predictable follow, i.e. that so many others will hop on to the media bandwagon that Blindboy will... Continue Reading →

Elective Anonymity

Elective AnonymityBY ROBERT COTTRELL – 14 DEC 2022  [Robert Cottrell is the editor of The Browser, blog/newsletter that I crib a lot of interesting material from. The Browser's tagline is "Writing Worth Reading," and that summarizes their mission succinctly. Occasionally he addresses his subscribers directly, such as in this post which is about creators who... Continue Reading →

Podcasts in Trouble

[ The Blindboy is the most listened-to independent podcaster in Ireland, and has more than one million listeners worldwide. He can make sense out of some of the most confusing things about modern culture. I highly recommend him. He claims that corporate media are investing in podcasts in anticipation of a boom in demand for... Continue Reading →

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