Forever Beer

[A bunch of compassionate Silverbacks sent me the following article, because ... well, to state it in its most simple terms, I am the guy who almost single-handedly saved Americans from another generation of bland, boring beers. But I'm not the type to brag. (I am, however, periodically delusional.) SB SM] published in the Washington... Continue Reading →

Bonobo J Ties the Knot

[SB J (Mendocino Bonobos) has contributed frequently to Silverback Digest. He recently made a significant expansion of the harem by the wedding the exotic, beautiful, and d'lovely Debbie Moore in a moving pondside ceremony presided over by Jesse Holden, fruit of his loins. From all over The Jungle, Silverbacks/belles salute you with double-thumps and cries... Continue Reading →

Daily Themes

[This article appeared originally in The Herald, the newspaper of the White River Valley. The Publisher, Tim Calabro, wanted me to describe my path as a writer. This is the path that has reached its pinnacle at Silverback Digest. SB SM] In college I took a course called Daily Themes. Every day you had to... Continue Reading →

White Wedding in Itsoseng #7: Brewing Beer

Posted on March 21, 2015 on . [JP Lund was my freshman year roommate in college. We recently reconnected via the blogosphere. I tried piecing together a narrative to give context to the characters and events, but then decided that JP's pictures and words were context enough to depict the universal quality of beer. Itsoseng... Continue Reading →

Ancient Beer

Florencia Juárez Marrades by TOMÁS DEAGUSTINI 9.28.21 This article originally appeared on VICE en Español. For some, recalling the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic brings to mind the dense, rich smells of sourdough bread and kimchi. With time on their hands and nowhere to be but home, the world’s quarantined masses turned to fermentation. Life One cook whose interest predates the pandemic... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Beer Week

The Great Beer Trek … An Introduction [Every five or so years I remember that I was on the forefront of people realizing that American beer was in need of a drastic overhaul. As the old joke, best told by an Englishman, goes: "How is American beer like making love in a canoe? ... both are... Continue Reading →

But Seriously … Beer?

[Beer is a subject I take very seriously. Yes, perhaps too seriously. I wrote one book on the subject that some credit as being one of the sparks that ignited a sudsy explosion that continues to this day. In 2015, with design assistance from my college classmate, John Boak (, I developed a book proposal... Continue Reading →

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