Weekend 2

A Woman of Great Importance … Silverbelle Sandy

[So inspired was she by SB Jerry’s review of A Woman of No Importance that she decided to contribute her own. SB Sandy is of the Gilead SBs.]

A Woman of No Importance is a story of “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Set primarily in France during World War II, it reads like a riveting work of fiction, all the more remarkable since it is true.

The heroine, Virginia Hall, could have followed her family’s path of least resistance as an American socialite. Instead, she resourcefully helped organize and lead local French resistance to the German occupation and became the Nazi’s most wanted undercover agent in France.

As a spy for the American and British Intelligence, the constant in Virginia’s disguises was the successful concealment of her wooden, prosthetic leg. Despite the relentless discomfort it caused, the “Limping Lady of Lyon” persisted in years of nearly unbelievable feats of courage that are credited for helping to win the war. Woven through Virginia’s story are unforgettable characters from the underground, grass root group of nationalists who formed the French Resistance. By war’s end, Virginia became their living legend as the “Madonna of the Mountains.”

Upon her return to the United States, Virginia persisted in breaking barriers by joining and enduring gender discrimination in the newly established CIA, where her accomplishments were eventually recognized.

High praise for Author Sonia Purnell, a biographer, journalist, and meticulous researcher.

[I screwed up and posted Dave Barry’s hilarious article on colonoscopies early. It was live for only about 10 minutes, but enough time for eager SBs to discover it. It will be republished again soon. SB SM]

SB Dave of the Tucson SBs continues the discussion on colonoscopies with this gem:

Speaking of toilets, I ordered this tangerine-flake, streamlined baby with heated seat, built-in dryer and warm water spray from Amazon. How long should it take to change a toilet seat? Maybe an hour if you’re a klutz. Well, it’s 24 hours since I began the job, and I’m glad to say the unit is on its way back to Amazon, and I’m hoping that time will give me the perspective to turn this into a humorous story. Meanwhile, my body is sore, my ego is shattered, and, if the truth comes out, I will be stripped of my Silverback status and returned to the rank of “common monkey.” How many things can go wrong? You really don’t want to know.

Meanwhile SB Greg (Rhode Island SBs} sent along another nice tune, this one with a bluesy feel. I’ve used it to accompany a slideshow that reprises 90 days of images from Silverback Digest.

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  1. Silverbacks:     Indeed.  Virginia Hall was a folk hero in my circle back when I worked for a living.       Silverback Chris________________________

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