Silverbelles and Silverbacks … Help Me Out!

We began publishing the Silverback Digest in October. Our initial goal was, and continues to be to reach a total of 250 followers. We’re not going for big numbers, the usual online game, but rather to create a community of like-minded, compatible people who make our jungle an enjoyable and sustainable place to be. This has been our Shakedown Cruise, and now we are ready to set sail into 2021.

We need your help on where to point the bow. Please take a moment to provide some feedback.

Here’s our status, by the numbers:

86 … is our total number of people on board as contributors, followers, or followers who receive email notifications of new posts

120 … is our most views in a day (Fado Rap), but the daily average is more like 40

95 … is our total number of posts (Wow, even I am impressed by that!)

1 … We held a single Watch Party that I put in the “needs work” category. It was fun watching Liz Taylor throw her bra at Marlon Brando, however.

We have had guest posts by SB Mike (Post Island), SB Greg (Rhode Island), SB Mimi (Post Island), SB J * (Mendocino), SB John* (Mendocino), SB Sandy (Vermont), SB Ron (Michigan), SB Jim (Vermont),and SB Alec (Vermont), among others. Apologies for any omissions.

*denotes Bonobos

But We Need Your Help …

  1. Are we publishing too frequently?
  2. What content do you like the most? The least?
  3. What was your favorite post?

Tell us how we can make the Silverback Digest better for you in 2021. Either use the comment section below of email to . Tell it like it is!

C’mon on ‘backs and ‘belles. Share some of your thoughts to make the Jungle a better place in 2021!

5 thoughts on “Silverbelles and Silverbacks … Help Me Out!

  1. The program would not let my comments be posted, but I enjoy the variety of articles and might suggest a tighter focus in subject matter.  Of course I’ve been tryin to increase my own readership for decades with little success.

    Enjoy yourself,Jim

  2. I think the current program posts comments only after I approve them. Let me figure out how to lift this restriction, as approval should not be necessary. Thanks for your comment, Jim. Looking forward to some occasional contributions from you. Maybe that will be a way to increase your own readership. SB SM

  3. First and always – great work Step doing the organizing and contributing to make this community happen!
    We basically like everything folks share from the funny to practical and profound.
    With everything that comes our way – environmental, progressive politics, healthcare, personal, etc. we get behind reading the posts…try to do earlier in AM if possible.
    We continue to pass along to kindred folks in our circle.
    Write on, Pal!
    Mike and Cyndy

  4. Hi Stephen:

    I enjoy the SB Digest, and think you’ve identified a community-in-waiting of people who share your values, interests, sense of fun and the absurd, and are looking for experiences that are politics-free, “curated” and a bit quirky. I find most of your posts of interest, some more than others, and especially enjoy posts from other SBs – the more variety the better in my humble opinion ….

    Colleen and I are still doing weekly Vermont jaunts, although sometimes we stay closer to home. In early December, we spent a couple of nights in the Nulhegan Hut – highly recommended!

    Looking forward to a 2021 that sees the re-emergence of hope and the promise of some better days ahead, especially for those whose lives have been devastated by events of the past year.




  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John, especially what you say about enjoying contributions from other SBs. That’s definitely what I’m trying to promote. Maybe you could squeeze out a few paragraphs about what makes a December night in Nulhegan Hut so enjoyable.

    Keep in touch and Happy New Year.

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