Ungawa … Honorary Silverback Status Awarded to …

[Sorry for some of the glitches on yesterday’s post. I tried to blame it on WordPress, but the fault, inevitably, turned out to be mine. A tip of the hat to SB John Q. for alerting us.}

… Ray Davies of the Kinks. Let the song speak for itself.

“I’ll be your Tarzan, you be my Jane.

I’ll keep warm, while keep me sane.

Sit in the tree, eat bananas all day.

Oh, what a life of luxury to be like an Apeman.”

This wasn’t the Kinks biggest hit, but it’s appropriate for Silverbacks everywhere.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ray is now “Sir Ray,” having been knighted by Prince Charles and is living proof that royalty can still be Silverbacks.

But Ray is now officially one of us.

Remember … Wednesday, November 18, 7 pm is our inaugural Watch Party

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