Seinfeld & Rock

[Personally, I have never found Jerry's show about cars, coffee, and comedy to be either interesting or funny. It's too self-conscious. Don't get me wrong ... I like Jerry well-enough. He can be perceptive and amusing. Same with Chris Rock, a brilliant guy. Don't miss his most recent special on Netflix called Selective Outrage, a... Continue Reading →

Kareem Weighs in on Will, Chris, and Jada

Will Smith Did a Bad, Bad Thing Slapping Chris Rock was also a blow to men, women, the entertainment industry, and the Black community. Kareem Abdul-JabbarMar 28 [Every Tom, Dick, and Hairy (get it?) is weighing in on the Chris/Will/Jada thing, and since we in The Jungle are just as enslaved to the celebrity culture... Continue Reading →

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