Reindeer Lichen: Food of Santa’s Reindeer

By Susan Shea Santa’s reindeer need fuel to pull that sleigh full of toys, and one of their primary winter foods is reindeer lichen, also known as reindeer moss. These are puffy, many-branched, pale green or grayish-white lichens up to 4½ inches tall, spongy to the touch when damp. Multiple species of reindeer lichen cover... Continue Reading →

Colorful Lichens

Del Shannon week Begins Monday, 3/14/22 Start Getting Excited! The Outside Story By Rachel Sargent Mirus As I stroll through the cemetery near my home on a snowy day, splashes of golden orange, bright as daylilies in July, pop from the gray stones. These patches are elegant sunburst lichens, which provide a vibrant example of... Continue Reading →

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